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Ferns are very demanding plants, just like pets they require good care and maintenance. Some need high humidity, others need a hot climate, nutrient-rich soil and special light. If you don't have time to provide your green pets with the necessary conditions, we are pleased to offer Artificial Ferns. This is a large group of plants of different shapes and sizes in the product range of Real Touch®.

We sell individual branches, small and large bushes in the form of a bundle or rosette, depending on the type of the plant.

The most popular models are

  • Nephrolepis of various types
  • Dryopteris (shield fern)

Artificial branches and fern leaves are elaborated to the smallest detail such as the color of the stem, the gradient of shades of green, thin leaves, smooth edges, and fuzzy tendrils. All of these things will be significant when deciding whether or not to buy a plant. It is also important to note that each branch has a wire in its core so you can always control the growth movement.

Why do they most often want to buy an artificial fern:

  • Firstly, it perfectly fills the space in green walls, while also brightening it up.
  • Secondly, you can plant it in a pot and organize a cozy garden in the recreation area.
  • Thirdly, it is irreplaceable when a decorative tropical flower is put in a planter.
  • Fourth, with the right location and the right size, it is the fern that becomes the key accent that attracts the attention of your client.
  • Fifth, it is different and combines simplicity of form with a complex pattern, a feeling of home comfort with the opportunity to get to the tropics for a while.

We wholesale all over the world. You can find out wholesale prices by making a request via the link.