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tel. +86 188 0201 6244

Ampelous greenery

It is known that a human being is created for happiness. And a happy person is always surrounded by a joyful atmosphere. It is created with the help of plants, including flowers – living or artificial – which always give aesthetic pleasure.

Artificial beauty for you to enjoy

Modern people, wherever they live or work, always surround themselves with a small island of nature – plants. Artificial ampel plants have a special charm: hanging from above, they set a mood and improve the aesthetics of any interior.

Today everyone has the opportunity to create such beauty by placing these artificial hanging plants in flower pots at home or at the office. They almost completely reproduce the finest details and colour shades of living plants, pleasing the eye around the clock at any time of the year.

These flowers and greenery are manufactured and sold by Real Touch®. In their production, such modern materials as latex, polyurethane, silicone, liquid polymers, and hard plastic are used.

Real Touch® company is a guarantee of beauty and quality

Real Touch® products are environmentally friendly, modern, top-quality and highly diverse. You can buy artificial ampel flowers in our online store. It is convenient, fast and simple.

If you decide to organize a family celebration or a corporate party, or maybe you just want to create a cozy ambiance in the room, you should become a client of our company that is represented in 50 cities of several countries (Russia, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

The advantages of the company are as follows:

  • the purchase of goods is carried out quickly;
  • a vast selection of products;
  • the materials are eco-friendly polymers;
  • high quality products;
  • wholesale prices;
  • worldwide delivery.

It is worthwhile to purchase artificial flowers in our online store, since we guarantee quality, provide our customers with up-to-date information about the care, storage, use of our products, and the assembling of large floral installations.

To make a purchase, just visit the Real Touch® website, browse through our catalog, contact us via email, whatsapp, instagram or facebook to get our prices and place an order. Payment is made to the specified bank account.

You can get the purchased product yourself or use the delivery service. It is carried out by the transport company of your choice: you can arrange it yourself, or we will do it for you. The cost of this service depends on the weight of the purchase and its volume.

Feel free to contact us anytime. Make your world cozy and beautiful with Real Touch®.