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tel. +86 188 0201 6244

People always surround themselves with plants wherever they are: at home, at work, in a restaurant. Greenery helps to relax, take aesthetic pleasure, and create coziness in the room. Flowers or other plants are a constant element of the decor. And so everyone tries to make their home or workplace as comfortable as possible.

Today, artificial plants can be purchased at specialized stores or online. The second option is the most convenient; since it allows you to choose the product you like and place an order in a calm atmosphere, without leaving your home, and then receive it after a while. Among various companies, customers choose Real Touch® which offers artificial items for interior landscaping:

  • garden flowers
  • indoor flowers
  • trees
  • branches of different plants (e.g. eucalyptus).

They all look realistic. In addition, artificial plants have other advantages:

  • they are durable
  • they are easy to care for (of course, you don't need to water and fertilize them, but you should wash them every once in a while);
  • they can be placed in rooms with any degree of lighting;
  • they are hypoallergenic.

These features attract the attention of many people who want to enhance their home or place of work with tabletop floral arrangements or free-standing plants.

Purchase terms

You can buy artificial eucalyptus, like other plants, on the website of Real Touch®. All the information a buyer needs can be found there. Everyone who wants to purchase our product can choose it from the catalog, where all items are accompanied by a photograph and data on dimensions and prices.

An artificial eucalyptus branch (a symbol of abundance) can be used as a garland. It is represented in different colours:

  • dusty green
  • green
  • silver
  • orange
  • brown

Several branches will bring a touch of nature to a room and make it cozy.

To make a purchase, you need to fill out a form, and then send it to the email address. Our employees will process the received information and determine the price based on the quantity of the ordered product and the specifics of its delivery.

You can choose the shipping method and the transport company yourself.

We have a strong sales experience and a large clientele. Reviews about our work and the quality of our products can also be found on the website. You are always welcome.