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Vibrant and unusual amaryllis with large blooms of interesting shapes are used in floral arrangements with increasing frequency. They are always appropriate and look great both as a houseplant, and as a bride's bouquet, or a gift bouquet for a colleague, boss or business partner. This expressive flower looks beautiful on its own and in combination with peonies and roses, or with leaves, berries and pine branches. And although this flower seems to be large and strong, it still requires careful handling and strict regulation of the environmental conditions, so it is best to buy artificial amaryllis.

Elegant flowers from Real Touch®

At Real Touch®, you can buy amaryllis made of solid silicone, which perfectly imitates dense graceful petals, making them elastic and flexible at the same time, so you can give them any shape, and they will keep it for a long time. We sell flowers in full bloom and with closed buds, with a stem and a bulb, available in different shades from white to peach and bright red. This opens up wide opportunities for the use of these plants:

  • artificial amaryllises look chic and self-sufficient, so you can tie them with a ribbon, and you will already get a beautiful bouquet;
  • in wedding floristry, these flowers are often used as table centerpieces;
  • their long stem and large bright leaves make them a perfect central element of a floral arrangement complemented with neutral plants and greenery;
  • flowers with bulbs are used as houseplants that can be put in beautiful pots or planters and placed on dining tables, mantels ,or living room window sills.

Artificial amaryllises stand out for their affordable price, resistance to deformation and different weather conditions. In addition, they, unlike real ones, are not poisonous and do not cause allergic reactions, so it is safe to leave children or animals next to them.

Where to buy artificial flowers

To buy artificial amaryllis at a favorable price, contact us in any convenient way (via email, whatsapp, instagram or facebook). We will select the best option for you depending on your demands and purpose, whether it be a bouquet decoration or interior design. We have worldwide shipping.