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Artificial bonsai tree

Plants have a positive effect on people's mood. So many try not only to add them to a home interior but also to decorate offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and exhibition halls with them. Small bonsai trees look very unusual and are becoming more and more popular in interior design not only in Asia but all over the world. But many are stopped from buying them because of a considerable price, a long cultivation period, and their high requirements for care and environmental conditions.

To enhance the interior, you do not need to spend a lot of time growing a tree or making a DIY artificial bonsai tree. We offer to buy a plant made of modern and high quality artificial materials from Real Touch®.

h2>The advantages of such mini trees and their use in the interior

A dwarf tree looks most harmonious in a room made in a minimalist style or with elements of a Japanese style. But it will also blend well into any interior if there are other details, such as paintings depicting nature, a large number of natural materials in the design of the room, or walls, furniture, and decorative items of a similar color.

The pot is selected to match the style of the room and the type of plant. Conifers look best in roughened ceramic containers, while glazed pots work best for deciduous plants. Their color matters too. To draw attention to this decorative element, you can use planters in contrasting colors.

The artificial bonsai tree stands out for the following advantages:

  • looks natural; it is difficult to distinguish it from a living plant
  • the care process is reduced to wiping the twigs and foliage from dust
  • there is no need to create a special microclimate in the room, or change the temperature regime depending on the season
  • it will never wither, and the foliage will not fall
  • there is no need to wait until the tree grows to the desired size or to do any manipulations with it to preserve its decorative effect
  • it is less expensive than cultivating and maintaining a living plant

To buy artificial bonsai trees, contact us in any way convenient for you via email, phone, Instagram, or Facebook. We sell plants made of high quality modern materials such as silicone, polyurethane, hard plastic. They fit in perfectly with any style of interior and are suitable for both residential and commercial premises, offices, and others.