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It is very easy to revive the interior, making it both cozy and stylish. All you have to do is add a few decorative plants. Even one well-chosen flower in a pot can completely change a space. Plants help create the right ambiance in cafes and shops, thereby encouraging visitors to return to the place more than once.

In this regard, many people opt for fresh flowers, but even the most low-maintenance plants need special care, regular watering and control of light and temperature conditions, otherwise, they will lose their appealing look. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to artificial potted plants presented in our online store. They can be used as a decoration, in different arrangements, or to create green zones.

Floor arrangements made with potted plants are used to emphasize the style of the interior. They will look good in metal or ceramic planters. This solution is suitable for decorating office spaces and the entrance zones of cafes or restaurants. They can also be used for vertical zoning of space.

What’s so good about artificial flowers

Compared with natural flowers, artificial ones have a number of advantages:

  • They do not need watering;
  • are not temperature-sensitive;
  • are not afraid of drafts;
  • can be used to decorate rooms with a lack of natural light;
  • it is very easy to take care of them;
  • the stems take any shape that can be changed at any time if desired;
  • easily recover from deformations and minor damage.

Faux flowers look so incredibly real because they are made by hand from high-quality materials. Various materials are used for different purposes. Thanks to the glue-impregnated silk, flexible and glossy leaves are obtained. This effect is good for Syngonium or Begonia. The softness and firmness of fennel leaves is achieved through the use of silicone.

How to buy artificial plants

You can buy artificial indoor plants for planters and cachepots at favourable prices in our online store. Our warehouse is located in China, but there are also authorized resellers in other countries, therefore, difficulties with delivery are completely excluded.