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Interior landscaping plays an important role in human life. Artificial greenery creates no less comfort and coziness than the real one, and can be used in places where there is no way to grow live plants. Today, grass decor is actively used for various purposes.

Greenery decor

Artificial grass is used as a decoration in the design of various spaces. The range of its usage today is very wide: it not only revives the ambience of the room, but also serves as an excellent material for creative crafts.

Such plants are placed indoors (they even replace ordinary textiles) and in open spaces, for example, playgrounds, sports grounds, and stadiums. Grass turf rolls have long entered our everyday life, and artificial grass has become a decoration for walls and ceilings, it is even used as a foot mat on balconies or floor coverings in winter gardens.

How to make a purchase

Our online store offers a large selection of high quality products. For the fans of landscaping with artificial plants, there is everything you need:

  • ferns;
  • vines;
  • bushes;
  • coniferous plants;
  • grass;
  • foliage;
  • eucalyptus;
  • moss;
  • succulents, etc.

To buy artificial grass in the Real Touch® store, you should follow these steps:

  • get acquainted with the assortment of the store;
  • choose the product you like;
  • find out the scheme of making a purchase, its cost and delivery terms;
  • fill out the form and send it to the email address of the store;
  • receive the goods at our warehouse or arrange delivery to your city.

The price of artificial greenery in our store is affordable, so everyone who wants to enhance their world with such a substitute for natural lawn can use our service.

You can buy Real Touch products at any time. Having placed an order, you pay for it within 3 days by transferring money to our current account, after that you either pick it up yourself or wait for delivery in your city.

You are welcome to contact us! We are ready to bring you joy every day!