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Orchid is a generic name for many species of unusual tropical plants. They have a reputation for being challenging to take care of, but not our artificial orchids! The inflorescence is manufactured using the highest quality materials and advanced technologies: silicone, 3D printing, etc. Silicone is durable, elastic, and smooth to the touch. It provides you with aesthetic pleasure and the feeling of touching the living plant.

You can buy the following artificial orchids from us:

  • Phalaenopsis winter
  • Cymbidium
  • Vanda
  • Oncidium

Structure and forms

The artificial flower is composed of a stem and inflorescence. The stem itself can be different: plastic or rubberized with a characteristic pattern. But they all have a metal core that allows you to give the flower a natural curve.

Range of use

Our flowers are universal; they naturally complement almost any interior. For example, Phalaenopsis orchids are often planted in a pot of different shapes and sizes, and Vanda will look great in a tall glass vase. You can buy white artificial orchids to decorate a wedding, or to enhance a reception area of a hotel, fitness center or any other business space. You can also make realistic DIY floral arrangements for sale in your store, and we have everything you need in stock: flowers, foliage and roots.

Care and storage

Every plant has its own care and storage rules, so we have prepared brief recommendations for you: link.

Purchase conditions and prices

With Real Touch® flowers you can create a mono-floral arrangement or a more complex one, combining several plant types.