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Gorgeous hydrangeas with subtle petals are popular with florists and decorators for their beautiful inflorescences, variety of colours, bright appearance and self-sufficiency. They always attract attention and look harmonious both in monofloral arrangements and in combination with other plants. This flower is a symbol of tenderness and beauty, but because of its fragile inflorescences, you can admire it for a very limited amount of time, so we recommend buying artificial hydrangeas. They look like real ones, retain their attractive appearance for a long time, can be used repeatedly in different arrangements, and have an affordable price.

Ways to use faux flowers

When buying artificial hydrangeas, it should be kept in mind that they have many uses. They are perfect for creating bouquets, especially in wedding floristry. Spherical monofloral bridal bouquets in white or pale pink colour look spectacular. They also make beautiful table centerpieces. Blue, light blue and green flowers are the best choice, if you are decorating ceremonies, corporate events, shopping centers and restaurants; and a small bouquet in a vase will be a great addition to a home interior.

Artificial hydrangeas can be used to create different floral arrangements and decorative elements such as arches and photo zones at weddings, entrance lobby decor, baskets with flowers for interior decoration, and various floral figures. Inflorescences without a stem are best suited for this purpose.

Advantages of Real Touch® artificial flowers

Real Touch® hydrangeas are a great alternative to fresh flowers, because they:

  • look like real ones
  • are pleasant to the touch
  • tolerate any temperature and weather conditions well
  • can be reused in different arrangements
  • easily take the desired shape thanks to flexible stems
  • do not require special care
  • can be compactly stored in boxes without losing their beautiful appearance which is convenient for delivery or rare use.

We are selling high quality silicone plants for decoration. You can buy artificial hydrangeas represented as bouquets or inflorescences with or without stems at an affordable price with worldwide delivery. We will carefully pack each plant so that you receive it intact and safe.