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At all times, flowers have been the main attribute of any celebration. Which one to choose - live or artificial – is a matter of taste. For a long time, artificial flower arrangements were considered to be a cheap option for decorating a room. Today, with the advent of new technologies, it is possible to purchase plants made of modern high-quality materials. They will create the atmosphere of coziness and lift the mood, being in no way inferior to the real ones.

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You have the opportunity to choose any plant for your interior at an affordable price. To do so, you can familiarize yourself with the work of Real Touch® which specializes in the sale of artificial plants and flowers. It is difficult to distinguish them from the real ones. Perhaps their only flaw is the lack of a natural smell. But they also have advantages:

  • reusability;
  • high quality materials
  • similarity with fresh flowers
  • the rapidity of creating various arrangements
  • possibility of safe use by people suffering from asthma and allergies
  • easy maintenance

Our company offers a fairly rich assortment. You can buy not only garden flowers, but also indoor plants. Succulent lovers can find plants to their liking here:

  • agave
  • cactus
  • aloe
  • stapelia
  • sedum burrito, etc

They are made of solid silicone, and resemble living plants in shape, colour and size. They can be placed at home or in the office to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

Purchase terms

To buy artificial succulents just visit the website of Real Touch® and acquaint yourself with the product range. Here you will find photos of plants and their characteristics (height, volume). Contact us (via email, whatsapp, instagram of facebook) to get our catalog with wholesale prices.

Buying flowers online is quite simple and quick. Just fill out the form and send it to the specified email address. After the invoice has been issued, payment must be made. The money should be transferred to the current account.

Delivery is carried out after the payment has been made. The buyer can choose any transport company and shipping method.

Payment depends on the weight of the purchase and its dimensions.

You can buy artificial succulents in our company at any time. We work seven days a week and are ready to provide our services on favorable terms. We will be glad if our cooperation becomes a good tradition.