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Lush delphinium inflorescences are often used for decoration, interior design and in different bouquets. This gorgeous flower with a high stem and beautiful delicate petals will be a good addition to any arrangement or its key element.

Real Touch® artificial delphiniums of silicone look absolutely natural, and are devoid of the weaknesses typical for real flowers such as delicate stems that are easily damaged and low durability when cut.

Main features and ways to use artificial flowers

Delphiniums are most often purchased for creating complex floral arrangements but they also look fantastic when used on their own. They are good for:

  • lush bouquets of delphiniums of one or more colours, which will be excellent centerpieces for wedding tables or conference halls;
  • decoration of exhibition halls;
  • bridal bouquets;
  • linear bouquets;
  • modest bouquets for men;
  • decoration of railings, columns and arches.

You can also buy other plants in our online store to create flower arrangements. Carnations, orchids, hydrangeas, anthuriums and roses go well with delphinium.

Buying artificial plants from Real Touch® is always justified because our flowers have many advantages:

  • they look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they are almost impossible to distinguish from real ones;
  • thanks to the use of silicone, the texture of the petals is preserved;
  • a flexible stem can be given any shape, it transforms and bends easily, and then returns to its original state;
  • long endurance period, six months and more;
  • flowers can be easily put into shape if they are wrinkled, a regular hair dryer is enough for this;
  • easy care which consists in cleaning from dust and proper storage;
  • reasonable price.

You can buy artificial delphiniums in different colors and at a favourable price in our online store. We sell and deliver plants all over the world; in some countries you can find our franchisees. Delivery is carried out by transport companies, and the staff of our store is engaged in packaging the goods. They pack everything compactly and neatly, taking into account the different properties of artificial plants, so that during transportation they retain their presentable appearance. You can also pick up the order yourself from our office or from our official representatives.