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Calla lilies are not the most popular choice for floral arrangements, but they also have their admirers. These flowers are loved for their unusual shape, bright colours, and interesting combination with other plants, given that the hues are properly balanced, they will look great with both gorgeous roses and simple daisies.

They can be used in bouquets for any occasion, and in floral arrangements to decorate event halls or home interiors. And although they are quite durable, we advise you to buy artificial flowers instead of the fresh ones, and there are many reasons for that.

Why choose artificial calla lilies

You can buy artificial calla lilies at Real Touch® online store. We offer flowers made of high quality solid silicone that look very realistic and natural. Many people buy these plants from us, because:

  • it is difficult to distinguish them from real ones by sight and touch
  • their petals are resistant to damage and deformation, and if they are slightly deformed, they can easily restore their shape by themselves
  • juice of fresh flowers can cause poisoning, but artificial calla lilies are devoid of this feature, so do not be afraid to leave small children and animals next to them
  • they do not require complex care and keeping of special environmental conditions
  • plants retain their attractive appearance for a long time, because the service life of materials is about 5 years
  • their price is affordable

Artificial calla flowers of white colour are often used for bridal bouquets, and in order for the image to be harmonious, it is better to choose an elegant, stylish and aristocratic dress without a bouffant skirt. Mono bouquets of calla lilies of purple and ruby shades look especially fascinating. Thanks to their shape and long, graceful stem, they can be used in linear arrangements to emphasize the vertical, and in round ones to create a flirty note. They are also suitable for decorating bright floral arrangements at festive celebrations and official events.

We supply artificial calla lilies as well as other flowers and plants to create different floral arrangements, bouquets and decorative elements. Our plants look natural and organic, do not cause allergic reactions and can be reused. To place an order and to arrange delivery, contact us in any convenient way (email, whatsapp, instagram, facebook etc.). At Real Touch®, you can buy wholesale faux flowers at an affordable price. We can arrange the shipping to anywhere in the world.