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Tulips are commonly associated with spring, warmth, holiday and romance. Such a simple, yet so symbolic flower. Artificial tulips give you the feeling of spring all year round.

We would like to share with you how our customers buy faux tulips in Real Touch® showroom:

  • they see a flower and immediately take it in their hands,
  • the nose unconsciously reaches for the bud in order to feel a subtle aroma,
  • realizing that there is no smell, our guests are surprised at the heaviness of this flower
  • instinctively squeezing their hands they hear the characteristic crunch of fresh foliage
  • and then, all that is left to do is to make a decision to buy at retail or wholesale

That is why, when you want to buy online, we always recommend, if possible, visiting us to see the assortment with your own eyes.

Materials and forms

All artificial tulips are made of dense silicone. It is a fairly strong material that perfectly holds its shape and allows you to give the bud the necessary form. Also, this material makes it possible to reproduce the natural relief of each petal. We have both bouquets and single flowers.

Range of use

This is a seasonal plant and tulip decor is especially popular in spring. But that doesn't stop brides from adding closed buds to their bridal bouquets and decorations all year round. And it doesn't prevent decorators from creating special interior atmosphere every season. In addition, bouquets or single flowers are in regular demand in our customers' stores.

Care and storage

This type of artificial flowers is quite low-maintenance and easy to use due to its material: just rinse them under running water and store them separately from the coloring elements.

Purchase conditions and prices

If you are interested in wholesale, please let us know by clicking on the following link, and we will contact you.