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Artificial flowering vines

Efficient interior landscaping today is an important part of the décor. The choice of plants, their combination and placement determines how stylish an apartment, a shopping center hall, or an office will look.

Climbing plants look especially attractive in the interior. They create the impression of being amid a green oasis and improve the psychological state of a person.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to take care of such plants. But there is a way out: buy artificial flowering vines. Unlike real ones, they will serve their owners for many years and will not require a lot of time for maintenance, watering, replanting, and fertilizing.

Successful shopping at Real Touch®

People who are committed to interior design know that the best selection of decorative artificial plants is at the Real Touch® online store.

To choose artificial flowering vines for interior design, you can look through our catalog. We have plants for every taste: rose, ivy, tradescantia, begonia, morning-glory (ipomoea), and others. They are made of polymers that are easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and pleasant to the touch.

Artificial flowering vines for home interior can be bought in just a few minutes without leaving your house. The scheme for purchasing goods from our store is quite simple:

  • look through the catalog and pricing policy
  • choose the product you like
  • fill in the order form
  • make a payment
  • choose a delivery method

We sell our products every day without holidays and weekends. Our team will support you throughout the whole purchasing process, and help you fill in the order form or decide which payment and delivery method to choose.

After placing the order, the purchaser must transfer the money to the current account, after which the goods will be packed and shipped. Various transport companies provide their services to our customers. Shipping cost includes the weight of the goods, their dimensions, and the distance of transportation.

Today, it is very convenient to buy artificial flowering vines. This is a good way to diversify and enhance your interior, arrange a green zone for relaxation.

Faux climbing plants can be placed in areas where real flowers are difficult to grow, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. Our products will help you decorate any room.