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It has long been known that greenery has a beneficial effect on the human mental health, so now they are trying to create a comfortable environment in offices and shopping malls using plants. Usually, people choose from a small list of low-maintenance potted flowers, but they still need regular care, besides, with such a poor variety, rooms will differ little from one another. In this case, an excellent alternative is the use of artificial leaves for decoration. They look like real ones, do not need regular care, and it is very easy to buy them in our online store.

What’s so good about Real Touch® leaves made of artificial materials

Artificial greenery is commonly used to decorate homes, office spaces, shops, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, and banquet halls. It is often bought to complete bouquets and to create various floral arrangements. We offer affordable artificial greenery in the form of single leaves, branches and bushes with roots, so that you can choose the right solution for your specific task.

Artificial foliage can be a great addition to a bouquet, or a nice decoration when used as several identical leaves with stems put together in a beautiful glass vase. For this purpose, the most suitable options are palm leaves, Monstera, Philodendron, and Spathiphyllum. The bushes of Philodendron, Begonia, Alocasia and Calathea can be used as an independent potted plant if they are rooted, and for vertical gardening if they are without roots.

Artificial green leaves are a great purchase as they have many benefits:

  • long endurance period;
  • beautiful appearance, which does not depend on environmental conditions and care specifics;
  • you can choose any item you like for the arrangement without worrying about suitable conditions for it;
  • they are easily fixed on different surfaces thanks to their flexible stems and keep their shape for a long time;
  • when creating complex arrangements, you can see the result in advance and make the necessary adjustments.

You can buy artificial leaves for decoration at a favorable price from Real Touch®. We sell greenery and flowers made of polymers. All products presented in the online store meet the highest quality standards and fully correspond with the description.