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Fruits are often used as decorative elements to enhance the beauty of interiors, create unusual arrangements and even bouquets. They are widely used in event decoration as a replacement for flowers and plants. In many large cities from New York to Shanghai, designers create various whimsical installations with unique decor that become the highlight of any event. This could be walls decorated with lemons, grapefruits and limes, logos and photo zones with citruses.

To make such a decor, it is not necessary to take real food products, you can buy artificial fruits. Thanks to the use of modern technologies in their manufacture, they look very realistic: the peaches have soft fuzz, and the tangerines slightly shine, like the real ones.

Why are artificial fruits a good idea for decoration and how to use them?

Real Touch® artificial fruits are made of high quality silicone or hard plastic. They look very natural, and their purchase is quite justified because they have many advantages over the real ones:

  • it is not a perishable product, their shelf life is several years
  • they tolerate different weather conditions and temperature changes well
  • there are no special requirements for storage and care, you only need to occasionally wipe them from dust
  • can be reused in different arrangements
  • affordable price

Fruit replicas are an excellent decoration for festive tables, especially in the autumn-winter period. They are suitable for decorating photo zones, various themed objects and spaces. Some of them can be used in bouquets. For example, a long-stem artichoke, an apple or a branch with tangerines will look unusual and unique among the flowers. The simplest decor option is to put fruits in wicker baskets or vases to make the interior lively.

Real Touch® has а wide range of artificial fruits which you can buy at an affordable price. To place an order, contact us via email, phone, Instagram or Facebook. We can arrange for delivery of the goods to your home, office or the event venue all over the world. We also sell faux flowers and plants that can be used in bouquets, decorative arrangements, and interior design.