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Vines are very popular among florists and phytodesigners who use them to create incredible arrangements of various scales. This is possible thanks to their long stems and large, beautiful leaves with a bright, unique pattern. We know that live plants are quite demanding to take care of, and when cut, they quickly wither and lose their attractiveness, and therefore, we suggest as an alternative buying artificial vines in our online store. Different types of ivy and epipremnum are the most frequent choice of our customers. It is comfortable to work with these faux vining plants, since the flexible stems with a metal core make it easy to fix them on different surfaces, create the right volume and shape, and indicate the movement of plant growth. While bright realistic leaves made of textiles or waterproof polymer fiber with 3D printing, in turn, give the desired texture and pattern.

They are used as decorative elements for interior design, both separately and as part of arrangements with other climbing plants or flowers. These can be suspended structures, original wall arrangements in the form of paintings, or a whole vertical garden. Vines are ideal for decorating living areas, offices, shops and for creating photo zones. Artificial climbing plants also look great in cascading and framed bouquets.

Benefits of Real Touch® artificial vines:

When buying faux decorative plants, you should pay attention to their appearance and material of manufacture. Real Touch® vines are made of textiles or waterproof polymer fibers with various print patterns that imitate real leaves. Their benefits:

  • they look as natural as possible in life and in photographs
  • they can be used repeatedly in different arrangements, as with proper maintenance they do not lose their qualities
  • flexible stems take any shape, bend well and, if necessary, they can return to their original form
  • they do not require additional care (replanting, watering, lighting, etc.)


You can buy artificial vines for decoration at attractive prices in our online store. Delivery is carried out by any transport company you choose. We carefully pack all the goods in order to exclude their deformation or damage, we give recommendations on peculiarities of maintenance and storage, as this will help preserve the appearance and features of the plants for a long time.