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Gladioli look very impressive with their large flowers collected on a long stem and framed by sword-shaped leaves. They will enhance any interior and will look distinguished in a bouquet. In order not to worry about the conditions of their maintenance and care, the best option would be to buy artificial gladioli. They look just like the real ones, except they don't smell. Our online store offers flowers in several colours at a reasonable price.

Advantages of artificial plants

Real Touch artificial gladioli look very natural owing to the use of solid silicone. This material allows creating lifelike petals with folds, veins and grooves. The colour is applied on them evenly with a smooth gradation, and with proper storage it does not fade or change.

Our company sells such plants because we care about nature, besides, artificial flowers have many advantages over real ones:

  • they retain their features for up to 5 years;
  • they can be used in any season regardless of temperature and weather conditions;
  • it’s easy to take care of them;
  • they can be reused in different arrangements;
  • they bend easily and then return to their original shape.

Flowers have a low price but a long period of use.

How to use artificial gladioli in decor and floristry

Buying these flowers will be a great idea for florists, decorators, wedding and event planners, and for everyone who wants to decorate their home or apartment with plants. As a decoration, they can be arranged in a monofloral bouquet or “planted” in a pot. In mixed bouquets, they can become the central element around which the entire floral arrangement is built.

Faux gladioli look great as a table centerpiece for various events, accompanied by small bouquets of lush hydrangeas or exquisite begonias in glass vases. This will make the whole arrangement look stylish and less cumbersome.

You can buy artificial gladioli in our online store. Contact us in any way convenient for you to order goods. We will be glad to answer your questions and tell you about the shipping terms.