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Elegant inflorescences of delicate hyacinths are distinguished by their beauty and high decorativeness, therefore they are often used to decorate interiors and create bouquets. Living flowers are not always suitable for this because they require regular watering, diligent care and specific conditions, and without observing these requirements, their appearance will only get worse. The best alternative in this case would be to buy artificial hyacinths. Being offered at a very affordable price in our online store, Real Touch® hyacinths will look perfect in any conditions and will be an excellent decor accent or part of a flower arrangement.

Advantages of Real Touch® plants

You don’t necessarily have to buy real flowers for decoration, because they please the eye only for a short period of time. We offer a variety of artificial silicone hyacinths in full bloom and with closed buds, with and without bulbs. They look realistic even up close.

The ideal shape of the inflorescences is achieved through the use of solid silicone, which holds its shape well and mimics the appearance of the petals. It is practically not subject to deformation, very durable, hypoallergenic and safe for the environment, human and animal health.

Besides that, the artificial plant has other advantages:

  • lighting and soil composition are not important for it;
  • can keep its presentable appearance for about 5 years;
  • pleases the eye with its "blossom" all year round;
  • gives a feeling of freshness and comfort;
  • easily takes the desired shape;
  • affordable price;
  • plant care is reduced to dust removal.

Artificial hyacinths are suitable for interior decoration. Flowers with a bulb can be put in a regular pot or in wicker baskets, porcelain containers, and small wooden boxes. Hyacinth with a bulb looks particularly unusual and stylish when put in a glass vase so that the matted thin roots are seen. Flowers without bulbs are often used in bouquets for special occasions

Our company sells artificial plants in bulk and treats each customer with care and respect. We offer only high quality products made with the use of the latest technologies. You can buy artificial hyacinths by placing an order in our online store or via email, phone, instagram or facebook. For more information about the delivery, please call the contact number.