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The artificial rose is a decorative plant with the perfect shape and texture of a real flower. Its main feature, which encourages you to buy it, is that it gives you the ability to enjoy beauty for as long as possible, forgetting about the difficulties of maintenance. It is also worth mentioning that carefully selected models and high quality materials create the feeling of touching warm velvety petals.

The structure and forms

The decorative rose consists of a stem, leaves and buds. The stem is most often plastic or rubberized with a wired core that allows you to bend the flower in the desired direction. The buds are made of textile with a soft polymer coating. One branch may have both closed buds and open blooms. The variety of shapes and sizes depends on the type of rose.

You can buy faux roses of three groups from our product range:

  • a bouquet of several identical flowers
  • a single branch with several blooms
  • a bud without a stem

Range of use

There are many options for using our roses: bouquets, decorations for weddings and celebrations, photo studio decorations, arrangements of different scales and locations, for sale in your store. Most commonly, people want to buy wedding flowers online to make a backup bridal bouquet so that they can go on a honeymoon with it and take magical souvenir photos. Faux flowers are also used to decorate a restaurant for a holiday or as a permanent decor element. Some of our partners are experimenting by mixing artificial plants with fresh flowers.

Care and storage

Artificial plants have their own rules of care, especially the white artificial rose. It requires careful handling and proper storage. You can find the recommendations on our website.

Purchase conditions and prices

To make a request for wholesale prices and purchase conditions, please follow the link.

Our artificial plants have already made the work of decorators much easier and more interesting: so that everyone can bring the most daring ideas to life.