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tel. +86 188 0201 6244

Our collection has been enriched with magnificent artificial monstera variegata

Real Touch Variegated Monstera is often used for interior decoration of residential and commercial spaces.This gorgeous greenery stands out from other plants because of its unique two-toned pattern.

Unlike the living one, which is rare and expensive, our high-quality faux monstera is affordable, maintenance-free and will look delightful for as long as you want.

The material is durable and dense but the green & white color blend is seen on the back of the leaves too, which makes it look realistic and light.

At Real Touch, you can buy wholesale: 
  •  single artificial monstera leaves,
  •  large faux monstera bushes of 4 leaves with roots,
  •  small faux monstera bushes of 12 leaves with roots.

The leaves vary in size.