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Flowers, potted plants, vines and greenery are often used to create bouquets, flower arrangements and to decorate rooms. Recently, the fashion for creating something unique and unconventional has been well manifested by many florists and floral designers all around the world. Our company follows trends and offers to buy artificial berries and fruits in the form of branches or bunches at a favorable price in our online store. Real Touch® plants made of solid silicone and foam plastic look like real ones. We recommend buying them from our official representatives.

Ways of use and advantages

You can create a vibrant, interesting arrangement for decoration using branches with artificial berries. You can use them to arrange mono-bouquets or add separate branches to flower arrangements as decor. Blackberries and raspberries are popular in wedding floristry due to their unusual shape and rich colour. Fake berries and fruits are often used to decorate boutonnieres and buffet tables.

Plum, sea buckthorn or blueberry branches will be an excellent decorative accent if you put them in vases or fix them on ceremony arches, columns or a wedding altar. They are also often bought for the design of photo zones and photo studios, because they help create the right atmosphere at any time of the year. Branches with berries are ideal for creating various decorative accessories for the interior, for example, wreaths on walls and doors, DIY crafts for the kitchen or living room.

All Real Touch® replicas stand out with the following advantages:

  • look natural even under close examination;
  • can be reused in different arrangements without loss of properties and quality;
  • will not stain clothes and other things, unlike fresh berries and fruits;
  • do not require special care, only wiping from dust;
  • safe for people and the environment
  • quickly take the desired shape

To buy artificial berries for decoration at affordable prices, please contact us in any convenient way. We are selling artificial plants all over the world. If there is no Real Touch® representative in your city, then you can place an order on the website of our online store, and we will deliver it by a transport company.