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It is hard to imagine a modern interior without floral décor, whether it be fresh flowers in pots or vases, or artificial plants. They serve not only as a decoration for a room, but also as an aesthetic object and an indicator of the taste of its owners.

Problem of choice

Some people like living floral arrangements or free-standing large plants. Others prefer to buy artificial plants that look just as beautiful and blend seamlessly into the interior.

Such decorative elements are not considered to be something primitive or tacky. At first glance, such plants cannot be distinguished from real ones. Modern materials and technologies, such as latex, polystyrene, silicone and 3D printing, are used in their manufacture.

Today, artificial branches are in great demand, and you can buy them in the online store of Real Touch®. A large assortment of these products is presented on the store's website.

Anyone can choose artificial branches for decoration, depending on personal taste.

We have such branches as:

  • cornus (dogwood)
  • croton
  • maple
  • magnolia
  • rose bush
  • lemongrass
  • premna, etc

They have different colours (red, green, brown), length, and number of twigs, leaves and buds. Customers can choose a plant that will seamlessly fit into the overall picture of the room.

The combination of living and faux plants creates an atmosphere of comfort, gives a feeling of being at a natural oasis, and improves mood.

Buying skillfully crafted decorative items is an excellent choice for people who cannot have living analogues in their houses due to the lack of time, long absence, allergies, and other reasons.

Therefore, they often turn to Real Touch® for help and become our regular customers. Our products do not need maintenance, are easy to clean and look as realistic as possible.

Purchase terms

You can buy artificial branches whenever you like, just by visiting the website of our store or by requesting our catalog via email, whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook. The procedure itself will take a little time, most of which will be spent on choosing a product from our wide range.

Next to the photo there is all the information about the product: length, number of twigs, material, price.

After making the final decision, you should fill out the order form and send it via email.

The company offers several options for the delivery of decorative plants. The customer can use the services of transport companies or pick up the goods at the warehouse.

We are working for you seven days a week without breaks.