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Artificial plants

Artificial Plants are a large group of green plants in the Real Touch® range. Each of them, like a living one, will enhance any interior design, making it harmonious, complete and fresh. This section includes subgroups that allow you to carry out different-scale projects on landscaping public places, decorating your home space, and complementing flower arrangements. For example, when planting an artificial orchid in a pot, you will definitely need green foliage which you will find in this section.

Decorative plants can be used in design of:

  • restaurants, cafes, summer terraces
  • hotels
  • country houses and apartments
  • shopping centers
  • hospitals, kindergartens
  • and many other spaces

It is also possible to sell them in retail stores as ready-made floral arrangements.

This is a rapidly developing trend and artificial plants for home décor do not seem to be unusual anymore. You can find online many amazing ideas that would be impossible to implement with living greenery. But if you buy artificial greenery, you will avoid a number of difficulties and enjoy the interesting work. The benefits of using artificial plants:

  • the reduction of cost and installation time;
  • no need to plan irrigation systems;
  • the ability to implement even the most incredible ideas that are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity

The main subgroups are ferns, grass, ampelous greenery, vines, foliage, moss, succulents and others. In our online store you can take a closer look at each of them. Since the product range is very wide, we are always ready to make additional photos and videos, and help you with the choice. Good customer service is our priority, as your purchase means that yet another space will be brighten to delight others.

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