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Artificial trees

A small tree or a large one can become a real highlight of any interior. They make the living space cozy and can revive the atmosphere in the office or store. You don't have to buy a lot of small plants to add a sense of wildlife, a tall ficus or a palm will suffice. And in order not to worry about creating favorable conditions and not wasting time on regular care, we recommend buying an artificial tree in our online store at an affordable price.

Features and advantages of artificial plants

You don't necessarily have to use a living plant to create a positive atmosphere in the room. An artificial tree will also give the desired effect. Ficus Lyrata with large glossy leaves or lush Zamioculcas are best suited for home, they are not very tall and do not take up much space.

For interiors in classic and modern styles, Yucca, Ficus Elastica «Tineke» or Ficus Benjamina will be an excellent option. They look fresh and stylish. Taller trees, such as Strelitzia nicolai, Ficus Lyrata and palms, are ideal for the halls of office buildings and hotels.

An artificial plant has many advantages because it:

  • looks exactly like the real one;
  • does not require special conditions;
  • does not require regular watering
  • is not afraid of drafts;
  • does not lose leaves from lack of sunlight;
  • retains its properties, colour and texture for years;
  • weighs less than a real one, which means it is easier to rearrange it to a new place.

With artificial trees complemented by elegant pots in a matching style, you can create a unique and cozy interior.

Real Touch® plants

You can buy artificial trees for your home, office or any other purpose in our Real Touch® online store. You can pick up the goods yourself from our office or we will arrange delivery by any transport company. Our plants are perfect both for private use as home decor, and for interior landscaping design of offices, hotels, entrance lobbies in different buildings, commercial areas, exhibition halls, and conferences.

Each tree looks identical to the real one, does not require a lot of care, and is safe for people and the environment, which attracts our customers. And you can get all of this at a reasonable price. Check out our assortment on the website.