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Artificial flower arrangements in vases

Today, indoor landscaping gives a special accent to interior design. Artificial accessories are used as decorations with increasing frequency. They have long become an excellent alternative to living plants whose lifespan is short.

The modern method of the manufacture of these flowers is fundamentally different from previous years since today new materials and technologies are used in this process. Therefore, artificial flower arrangements in vases can be found not only in homes, but also in cafes, restaurants, offices, and shopping centers.

The problem of choice

Such decorative pieces can be found at Real Touch® online store that sells various artificial plants. We provide a wide range of products for all tastes. Our flowers and other plants for vases create an atmosphere of coziness. They are made in the richest color palette, completely replicating natural shades, and they are almost indistinguishable from fresh ones.

In our store you will find the following products:

  • roses
  • hydrangeas
  • orchids
  • magnolias
  • delphiniums
  • cymbidium
  • vanda and others

You can choose plants, bushes, or bouquets. If you wish, you can buy artificial flowers in a vase. And if you already have a beautiful vase at home, buying your favorite flowers will be enough.

For various reasons, not everyone is able to achieve excellent results in growing indoor plants. A busy schedule does not allow keeping a living island of nature at home.

Besides, there are a lot of flowers that are quite high-maintenance. For example, orchids, the beauty of which captivates everyone who has seen them. Our orchids are practically in no way inferior to living ones because they are an exact copy of them. The only difference is that they are made of special materials. When put in transparent pots, they will delight you every day.

Placing an order

It is quite easy to buy our products. You can do it without leaving your home. Our site will help you navigate the world of beauty. You can familiarize yourself with the catalog and choose plants for your floral arrangements or bouquets. By placing such artificial flowers in glass vases, you will enhance the space and make it much more comfortable. After you make a choice, fill out the order form and send it by email. The prices are listed in our catalog. We offer worldwide delivery.