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Artificial potted flowers

If you need to freshen up the living space, make it stylish and really special, then the best solution would be to buy artificial potted flowers for decoration. With the right choice, they will become an excellent decorative element in any room, help to add accents, mask flaws, create coziness, and change the proportions of a room, if necessary. Besides, with their help, you can easily divide a space into several functional zones, and the abundance of plants will become a pleasant background, looking at which you can relax after a hard working day.

How to choose artificial plants for home interior

The indisputable advantage of artificial houseplants in pots is their resistance to any temperature conditions, low light and even its absence.

Therefore, they can be easily used as decoration in a bathroom, kitchen, or hall. It is also a great option because of its affordable price.

When choosing artificial indoor potted flowers, we advise you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • when selecting plants, take into account the dimensions of the room, you should not arrange tall and lush flowers in a small bedroom, it is better to give preference to elegant closed hydrangea or hyacinth buds
  • matching with the furnishings, decoration, and style is also important, you can choose plants that repeat the pattern of the wallpaper, and for high-tech style, you can choose species with plain leaves and petals
  • it is not necessary to choose plants with roots, simple sprays that can be put in a pot or a vase are also suitable
  • pay attention to the color of the petals so that it blends in harmoniously with the color scheme of the room
  • you do not have to put them on a windowsill, for example, you can create an interesting installation in the center of the room

You can buy artificial indoor potted plants from Real Touch® at the best wholesale prices. We sell ornamental plants manufactured with the use of ordinary and solid silicone, synthetic fabric, polyurethane, and 3D printing technology. Our assortment includes native and exotic species, we recommend paying attention to hydrangeas, calla lilies, amaryllis, orchids, and roses. To make a purchase, contact us in any convenient way via phone, email, Instagram or Facebook. We ship worldwide.