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Begonias are quite popular houseplants to decorate the interior. They are also often used to enhance various commercial spaces, exhibitions and wedding ceremonies. They are loved for their beautiful lush inflorescences, bright eye-catching petals, and an abundance of green foliage. However, in order to achieve a beautiful decorative effect of fresh flowers, they need thorough care and comfortable environmental conditions, which not everyone can provide. Therefore, Real Touch® recommends buying artificial begonias.

Why are artificial flowers better?

Artificial begonias are suitable for decorating rooms and creating floral arrangements for various events. There are foliage plants, such as Begonia maculata, which look like a bush of leaves with roots that can be placed in a pot to decorate a living space or an office.

Blooming begonia sprays can be put in a pot, or used on their own in monofloral arrangements, or in bouquets along with other flowers to decorate spaces. They look good with unblown hydrangea, allium, gypsophila (baby’s breath), adiantum, woodsia and calluna.

They also have many benefits:

  • unlike living plants, artificial blooms are perfect for bouquets because they keep their shape and do not wither;
  • long lifespan and the possibility of repeated use in different arrangements;
  • when decorating various venues and halls for events, the result can be seen in advance, and if necessary, rearranged;
  • when used as a permanent decoration in flower pots, there is no need in keeping special conditions, regular watering and maintenance;
  • affordable price, especially considering the possibility of repeated use.

You can buy artificial begonias at wholesale prices from our company. Our plants are made from durable modern materials. Flowering plants are made of silicone, and the foliage plants are manufactured with the use of glue-impregnated silk and 3D printing, which makes them look incredibly natural.

We offer worldwide shipping and make sure that each flower is carefully packed so that it does not deform. To place an order, contact us in any convenient way (email, phone, Instagram, Facebook).