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Artificial gerberas


If you are looking for vibrant flowers with large inflorescences to use as interior decor or to create a bouquet, then gerberas are the best choice. Their simplicity has a special charm, and bright shades of petals add liveliness and eye-catching accents. And if you don't want to take care of fresh plants, or worry about regular watering and maintaining the right temperature, then we recommend that you buy artificial gerberas from Real Touch®.

Benefits of artificial flowers and ways of use

These blooms are mostly used in interior decoration. Both single stems and small bouquets of several flowers with green foliage are suitable for this purpose. They can be placed in a glass or ceramic vase in a minimalist style; different containers like small bright pots or metal buckets will also look unusual if they fit into the style of the room. The composition, where each flower is placed in a separate vase, will look especially beautiful if you experiment with the visual design using the same vases and inflorescences of different colors or the same blooms and containers of different shapes.

In wedding floristry, artificial gerbera is often used for table centerpieces, photo zones and other decorative elements. In a bridal bouquet, it can be used together with other plants and greenery if tied with a satin ribbon. It goes well with roses, chrysanthemums, irises.

Bouquets of gerberas are often given on the occasion of anniversaries and professional holidays. These blooms are suitable for decorating showrooms, offices, reception desks and entrances.

For these purposes, it is better to use artificial flowers because:

  • they are durable;
  • look like real ones;
  • faux flowers are resistant to deformation and easily retain the original shape;
  • their stems bend easily and can be attached to any surface;
  • they can be used more than once in different arrangements;
  • the price is affordable;
  • delivery to any part of the world is possible.

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