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Despite their beauty, living magnolias are rarely used to create flower arrangements because they are very capricious and high-maintenance plants. They need diligent care and special conditions, but this fact adds special value to them.

Real Touch® online store presents artificial magnolia flowers on a branch in several colours and at an affordable price. Their natural look is achieved by the use of modern technologies, thanks to which these unusual flowers can be used as decoration all year round.

What’s so good about Real Touch® flowers?

Artificial magnolias are made of solid silicone. It ensures the realism of each petal with all its veins and grooves, the blooms are dense and keep their shape well. Despite their delicate appearance, they are resistant to external influences, and in case of any deformation, it is enough to leave the plant in a warm room, and it will take the right shape by itself.

We recommend buying artificial magnolias, because they:

  • look realistic;
  • do not lose their features for a long time;
  • can be used several times in different arrangements;
  • tolerate high and low temperatures well;
  • are easy to take care of and store.

These flowers look expensive and presentable, that’s why they are often used for interior decoration of private houses, cafes, restaurants, and conference halls. They are frequently included in flower arrangements with other plants. They look good with roses, orchids and lilies. The monofloral bouquet tied with a satin ribbon also looks attractive.

Most often artificial magnolias can be found in floral arrangements made for weddings and other special occasions. They are a great decoration for a classic or exotic wedding, off-site wedding reception and buffet tables. As part of a bouquet, magnolias will emphasize the gentle romantic look of the bride.

Where to buy luxurious and sophisticated magnolias

To buy wholesale artificial magnolias in our online store, contact us in one of the convenient ways (via email, whatsapp, instagram or facebook). We sell decorative plants at affordable prices and ship worldwide.