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Real Touch Lavender- lilac

id: L-43-P-174

Height: 43.0 cm

Diameter: 0.0 cm

Material: Sprayed plastic

Artificial lavender is often used by decorators and florists to create arrangements, bouquets, and interior design. It can be used on its own and in combination with other plants. Its only difference from a real flower is the lack of fragrance, but otherwise it looks very realistic.

Ways to use artificial flowers

In our online store you can buy lavender sprays made of high quality plastic with soft coating at an affordable price. They have flexible stems that can bend easily, and bright flowers of the right shape.

To complement the interior of your home in the Provence style and revive it a little, you can buy artificial lavender for decoration. Small bouquets made from several sprays can be placed in vintage glass or ceramic vases or in clay pots. They look best in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Lavender bundles look fascinating when wrapped in craft paper or tied with natural decorative ribbon and suspended from a wall or ceiling. You can also make wreaths to hang them on the door.

In addition, lavender is often bought for interior design of cafes and restaurants, and decoration of photo studios and exhibition halls. It is commonly used for events with French, Provence and rustic themes.

The lavender flower is considered to be a symbol of love and tenderness, so it is often bought for weddings. These flowers look good in the bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids or in a decorative frame for arches, photo zones and ring pillows. To decorate tables, you should buy artificial lavender in a pot or place individual stems in elegant glass vases of different shapes and decorate them with a lace ribbon.

Why choose artificial flowers

Buying artificial plants is a great decision because they:

  • retain their attractive appearance, texture and colour for a long time;
  • look realistic;
  • do not need scrupulous care;
  • can be used at any time of the year and at any ambient temperature;
  • do not emit toxic substances and do not cause allergic reactions.

Our company sells artificial flowers in bulk at affordable prices. We offer delivery all around the world. To place an order, contact us in any convenient way.

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